• Bouazizi N, Vieillard J, Bargougui R, Couvrat N, Thoumire O, Morin S, Ladam G, Mofaddel N, Brun N, Azzouza A, Le Derf F Entrapment and stabilization of iron nanoparticles within APTES modified graphene oxide sheets for catalytic activity improvement Journal of Alloys and Compounds 771 2019, 1090-1102
  • Vieillard J, Bouazizi N, Bargougui R, Nkuigue Fotsing P, Thoumire O, Ladam G, Brun N, Hochepied JF, Djoufac Woumfo E, Mofaddel N, Le Derf F, Azzouz A Metal-inorganic-organic core–shell material as efficient matrices for CO2 adsorption: Synthesis, properties and kinetic studies Journal of the Taiwan Institute of Chemical Engineers 95 2019, 452-465.
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