Because of its multidisciplinary origin, polymer science is constantly evolving to advance technological progress and address increasingly challenging societal issues.

The PBS Laboratory is a joint research unit (UMR 6270) of CNRS and INSA Rouen Normandie.

The laboratory is associated with both the Doctoral School of Chemistry (EDN 508) and the interregional research center for science (FR 3038 CNRS – INC3M (Normandy Institute for Molecular, Macromolecular and Medicinal Chemistry). The dynamic organization brings together University of Rouen professors, CNRS researchers, University and CNRS engineers, technicians, administrative staff and also postgraduate students completing a PhD or a Master’s degree. In addition, postdoctoral students, interns and French or international guests come regularly to the Laboratory for shorter periods.

Thierry Jouenne, CNRS Research Director is in charge of the PBS Laboratory.

The Team

The laboratory team includes:

  • 2 CNRS researchers,
  • 27 professors,
  • 10 CNRS and university engineers,
  • 7 technicians and administrative staff,
  • Roughly twenty doctoral students.

The laboratory research fields comprise three thematic topics:

  • Cell-surface interaction
  • Transport properties in and through polymers
  • Agro-resource material (“agro-materials”)

Organization chart

The PBS employs five research teams operating in two areas, Polymer and Living Polymerization and Polymer Material.

  • Polymer and Living Polymerization:
    • BIOMMAT Team
    • BRICS Team
    • SCC Team
  • Polymer Material:
    • MM Team
    • MPBM Team

Funders and Partnerships

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