Team leader: Kateryna FATYEYEVA, Lecturer

Research activity of MPBM team concerns the design and characterization of the polymer materials with controlled transport properties. The permeation and sorption properties of small molecules (water, has, hydrocarbons) through the polymer material, the barrier properties and material selectivity are studied in detail. The experimental kinetic curves are fitted by the mathematical models. The polymer structure and morphology are correlated with functional properties and that for different materials – from the very permeable (selective membranes with high flux) up to barrier materials.


Polymer materials; Membrane; Functionalization; Permeation; Sorption; Selectivity

Examples of achievements:

Polymer membrane swelled in ionic liquid: elaboration and conductivity characterization.
Influence of the membrane composition on the permeation of Cr(VI) ions.
Multilayered PLA/PBSA film: (A) AFM image. (B) Improvement factor of water and gas barrier properties.
    • Development of bandage with controlled release: antibiofilm properties and improvement of thermomechanical and transport properties (collaboration with SCC and BRICS teams)
Membrane 3D support based on polyhydroxyalkanoate (PHA) and Dispersin B (DB). Influence of the membrane composition on the inhibition factor.


Laboratoire Polymères, Biopolymères, Surfaces,
UMR 6270 CNRS, Université de Rouen, INSA
Bâtiment Pierre Louis-Dulong n°23,
Boulevard Maurice de Broglie,
F-76821 Mont Saint Aignan CEDEX

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