Head of Team: Didier Le Cerf, Professor, University of Rouen Normandy

The main activity of the CCS Team focuses on developing and studying volume and interface properties of macromolecular systems and modifying a surface state by polymer adsorption or polymerization. The controlled architecture systems are able to self-organize and/or interact with other compounds (proteins, polysaccharides, molecules, cells, bacteria) in aqueous solution and near solid surfaces (microparticles, asymmetric membranes, dense films etc.) and/or liquids.


Chemical modification and functionalization of polysaccharides; Chemical and physicochemical characterization of polysaccharides; Surface analysis

Examples of achievements:

Grafting of poly(isopropyloxazoline)-co-poly(butyloxazoline) to Hyaluronic acid.
Rheological profiles of Hyaluronic acid-g-poly(isopropyloxazoline)-co-poly(butyloxazoline) during a temperature ramp.
  • Chemical and physicochemical characterization of polysaccharides
    • Atypical behavior in solution of a polysaccharide secreted by a microalgae (ANR polysalgue)
Size exclusion chromatography of polysaccharide for determination of average molecular weights and size.
    • Hydrogels with theranostic properties to fight against glioblastoma (RIN Normandy Region)
Characterization of NPs using transmission electronic microscopy.
In vivo activity of free and encapsulated Rifampicin on a mouse model of S. aureus Xen29 biofilm infection.
Confocal microscopy micrographs of Dextran-NPs.
Image of optical microscopy for curcumin-loaded microgels.
Transmission electronic microscopy images of polyelectrolyte complexes between hyaluronan and poly(L-lysine).

In order to conduct our studies

We apply polymer synthesis and chemical modification, characterization of polymers in solution and at interfaces as well as surface characterization.

We have initiated collaborations with all PBS laboratory teams and with colleagues in France and worldwide as part of ARN (French Agency for Research) or bilateral projects.


Laboratoire Polymères, Biopolymères, Surfaces,
UMR 6270 CNRS, Université de Rouen,
Bâtiment DULONG,
Bd de Broglie,
F-76821 Mont Saint Aignan CEDEX FRANCE

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