Polymers, Biopolymers, Surfaces Laboratory (PBS)

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The Polymers, Biopolymers Surfaces laboratory (PBS, UMR CNRS 6270) brings together many skills around polymers and their interactions with living organisms. The major scientific objectives of PBS aim to develop macromolecular chemistry strategies, coupled or not with physical, physico-chemical and biological approaches, for the development of innovative high-performance polymers and to evaluate their functions and integration in different environments including biological systems


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Thèses et Post-doc

Le laboratoire accueille de façon régulière des chercheurs contractuels en thèse et stages post-doctoraux.

Les offres sont proposées dans les rubriques ci-contre.

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Allocation de thèse régionale – Laboratoire PBS et COBRA de l’université de Rouen

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Protein post-translational modifications in bacteria.
Boris Macek, Karl Forchhammer, Julie Hardouin, Eilika Weber-Ban, Christophe Grangeasse and Ivan Mijakovic . Nature Reviews in Microbiology

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