MM Publications 2024

LIU X., LEBRUN L., DESILLES N. Eur. Polym. J., 202 : 112629 (2024) Enhancing thermal […]
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MM Publications 2023

LIU X., GALLAVARDIN T., BUREL F., VULUGA D. Polym. Degrad. & Stab. 208: 110243 (2023) […]
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MPBM 2024

MARAIS S., LOZAY Q., FOLLAIN N., SOULESTIN J., COUVRAT N., DARGENT E. Multinanolayered PA6/Cloisite and […]
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MPBM Publications 2023

PRYKHODKO Y., MARTIN A., OULYADI H., MARAIS S., FATYEYEVA K. Polymer EVA-OH membrane with improved […]
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Systèmes membranaires permsélectifs adaptés.

Yevhenii PRYKHODKO - 2021

New Bio-based polyesters useful in food packaging: synthesis, thermal, mechanical and transport properties

Xuelian LIU - 2021

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