MPBM Publications 2023

PRYKHODKO Y., MARTIN A., OULYADI H., MARAIS S., FATYEYEVA K. Polymer EVA-OH membrane with improved […]
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MM Publications 2022

LIU X., LEBRUN L., FOLLAIN N., DESILLES N. Mater. Adv. 2022, 3: 389-398 Bio-based copolyesters […]
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Systèmes membranaires permsélectifs adaptés.

Yevhenii PRYKHODKO - 2021

MPBM Publications 2022

SELLAMI F., KEBICHE-SENHADJI O., MARAIS S., FATYEYEVA K. PVC/EVA-based polymer inclusion membranes with improved stability […]
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New Bio-based polyesters useful in food packaging: synthesis, thermal, mechanical and transport properties

Xuelian LIU - 2021

Elaboration de membranes mixtes polymère/réseau métallo-organique pour l’élimination du CO2

Julien BOUILLON - 2021

New Bio-based Polyesters Useful in Food Packaging: Synthesis, Thermal, Mechanical and Transport Properties.

Xuelian LIU - 2021

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